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How do you ensure my programmer really has the proper skills?

We have a reputation of having one of the most strict quality control standards of any remote staffing firm out there. Only one out of every ten candidates we vet is deemed fit to represent our company. Clients are always welcome to participate in any stage of the interview process but you can be 100% confident our technical vetting. We stand by that statement with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Our vetting process consists of 3 stages

1. Language Skills Interview – A candidate is vetted by a native English speaker

2. Technical Interview – Our approved technical specialist checks a candidate's technical skills through a 1 hour video interview. The candidate is vetted both both on his/her theoretical acumen and his/her ability to perform practical tasks (ie. coding). We are very selective and reject over 90% of candidates, ensuring we have only the best in class specialists at our disposal.

3. Interview with the Employer – Finally we introduce the vetted candidate to our client to for a final interview

How much does a remote programmer in Eastern Europe cost?

A remote programmer costs significantly less than a programmer domestically, but how much will you save depends on your IT needs.
A mid level programmer (3-5 years experience) costs roughly between $3,000 - $3,500 per month or $17 - $22 on a per hourly basis, depending on the language. For instance Python and React programmers would be at the top fo the range, while C/C++ programmers would be at the bottom of the range.

How quickly can I hire a programmer?

Although we have a database of vetted programmers, all of our searches are custom. The timing differs depending on the language skillset. With that said, it generally takes about 2 full weeks from vetting to staffing of a particular candidate.

What is the minimum number of programmers I need to hire?

There is no minimum - we can hire 1 or we can hire 10. No matter how big or small our clients are, we treat each one with the same level of service and provide the same top quality programmers.

What if I'm not satisfied with
my programmer?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked because we stand by the quality of our programmers. If you're
not satisfied with a programmer after thirty days, we will work to replace that programmer, supplementing you with a temporary worker during the process.

What about security?

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Unfortunately any employee can steal IP either remotely or on site. We make every effort to make sure your data is safe through internal security measures and hiring trusted programmers we have worked with in the past. Further, unlike most offshoring firms, we are located in the United States and abide by US Law, and therefore can be held accountable for any IP issues in the court of law.

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