We started our company because we were sick of the traditional IT outsourcing model. We hated the hours wasted on price negations, the deficit of dedicated talent, and the fact that we could never really trust an outsourcer to do as good of a job as local talent. We knew there had to be a better more efficient way. So we began building a network of vetted developers, and started cutting out the unnecessary cogs in the workflow process. This is how we became the premier remote IT staffing company.

The Premier Remote
IT Staffing Company

Coder Staffing

It's About Ethics and Integrity

We've all dealt with sketchy outsourcers, and couldn't help feeling we were getting ripped off. That's why we believe in total transparency in all aspects of the client relationship, whether it's the breakdown of costs, a true assessment our own limitations, and even an acknowledgment of our own mistakes. We aren't here to make a quick buck, we are here to build a lasting relationship with clients and revolutionize the IT Outsourcing model.

Coder Staffing

–°onstantin has 12 years of experience leading development teams in the financial services sector. He is a strict and demanding perfectionist who always finds a solution for the most complex technical problem. Constantin has extensive experience creating and implementing CRM-systems, data bases and search engines. In his spare time, Constantin enjoys traveling and exploring new cities.

–°onstantin Malinin

Technical Advisor (PHP)

Maxim has Master's Degree in Mathematics and Mechanics from Ural State University, one of the top Universities in Russia. He has been working as a Senior Android developer for the last 10 years, during which time he built dozens of apps for the European and American markets, including the largest dating application in Sweden. Outside of programming, Maxim enjoys riding his motorcycle, working out, and tasting the cuisine's of the world.

Maxim Komarovsky

Technical Advisor (Android)

Maxim has more than 20 years experience in web development and programming. After graduating with a degree in Systems Engineering, Maxim started his career in SEO and later specialized in Word Press. Having worked with major Western European and American companies, Maxim has cemented his position as one of the top Word Press programmers in the industry. Maxim is a family man, and enjoys spending his free time with his kids.

Maxim Lyuchin

Technical Advisor (Wordpress)

Vladimir, Russian Federation

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Moscow, Russian Federation

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